“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions”

- Albert Einstein

  • How To Make A Cool Laboratory Tube With Animated Bubbles

    How To Make A Cool Laboratory Tube WIth Animated Bubbles

    Have you ever been in a real chemistry laboratory, surrounded by wonders of modern science and human ingenuity at it’s peek? No? Well, then you didn’t lose anything - it’s actually all about some bald guys running around in white dresses poking each other and trying to flex at each other about who’s smarter. But there’s one cool thing about chemistry - lab tubes containing some bubbling liquids. Quite nifty, eh? This little tutorial shows how to create a tasty looking tube using HTML 5 canvas to decorate your website, dummy page or dads car.

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  • Time To Start It Like A Dev

    Time To Roll Out!

    I could write something about how I feel starting this blog - but I won't, that would be boring as hell. But.. to make long story short, it's good to have your own place on the web to put the stuff you make or paste some info about that what you're doing - especially when you're a developer.

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